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As Sticky fingers we are ofsted registered for children aged 2-4 years. We accept all funding & work place vouchers.

Statement of Intent

At Sticky Fingers, the children are at the heart of everything that we do. We value all the children as individuals and believe that our high-quality care supports all children to achieve their full, unique potential. Our carefully balanced curriculum extends opportunity, inspires children to learn and prepares them as fully as possible for future success.

We have 6 clear aims for our care and curriculum to deliver:

Independent learning: We know that when children are given opportunities to follow their own interests and make their own choices, they become motivated to learn. Children are encouraged to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems and share achievements; developing learning skills across all areas of the EYFS alongside concentration, perseverance and the ability to work collaboratively. This lays the foundation for children to become lifelong, successful learners.

Nurturing: Children thrive when they feel safe and secure. When children feel settled and happy, they become more confident to play, explore and learn. Through our effective key person system, good bonds between children, families and staff are quickly developed; ensuring that our experienced team respond sensitively to children’s feelings and behaviours, supporting their well-being.

Through Play: We value the importance of play in child development. We believe in delivering our curriculum through a careful balance of supported child-initiated play and playful adult-led activities; through our reflective practise we ensure that this approach best meets the needs of the children as individuals and the group as a whole. Our curriculum delivers varied, stimulating and new experiences for the children to explore alongside ‘independent learning’ opportunities and time for children to revisit, practise and master their skills.

Enabling Environments: Our environment is welcoming and facilitates a sense of belonging for all children and their families; encouraging children to feel confident to play and explore. We value everyone, this is reflected in our environment and resources which are carefully planned to respond to all children’s needs, experiences and cultures. We value learning, providing an environment rich in opportunities to learn and develop skills across all areas of the EYFS.

Next Steps: All children learn and develop in different ways. We build on children’s home-based knowledge and experiences, providing opportunities for progression, extension and challenge. The team’s skilled interactions in both child-initiated play and adult-led activities is effective in moving children forward.

Teamwork: We continuously provide opportunities for collaborative play; from taking turns with one another to developing play ideas together. Collaborative play in a supported environment builds resourcefulness, resilience and positive attitudes to learning. Children build confidence in social situations and develop respect for others, with an understanding that their words and actions have an impact. Relationships are modelled by them team in their interactions with each other, the children and their families reflecting a positive and respectful culture.

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